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Intelligent Water Control Design


Before surfing and massage, it often takes five to ten minutes to inject water into the tub. Usually, it is difficult to control the water amount inside the tub, especially, it is difficult to judge whether it has reached the standard water level or overflows. In addition, when there is no water or the water level is low inside the tub, and the electrical appliance switch is turned on due to carelessness, it will result in overheating due to idle operation of the water pump, thus damaging the electric appliance system. To resolve such issues, Holley¡¯s engineers design an intelligent water level control system by installing a probe for detecting water level inside the inner wall of the tub, thus automatically controlling the water level and pump by means of the controller.

¡øWhen the water level does not reach the standard water level or when there is no water inside the tub, it is unable to start the surfing and water pump functions.

¡øWhen the water level reaches the standard water level (probe location), the surfing water pump can be started.

¡øWhen the water level exceeds the standard water level, the water inlet waterfall stops water inlet; it is unnecessary to worry about overflow from the bathtub due to excessive water; and make the water just right.

Phototherapy, or light therapy, is a form of treatment for emotional and skin conditions using artificial light wavelengths from the ultraviolet (blue light) part of the sun¡¯s spectrum.

Holley gets the idea from phototherapy and creatively uses colorful LED lights, such as air bubble light, underwater light, background light, etc, on our bathtubs and steam rooms.

Take the air bubble light used on massage bathtub for example, while spouting air bubbles, the light also emits seven kind of emotional colors, such as red, ocean blue, light blue, green, purple, etc. You could choose and set up each kind of color according to your own preference.

Self Cleaning Glaze Technology Holley researchers apply the newest nano-technology on some of the ceramic products by putting the liquid nano silicone polymer uniform on the ceramic surface and after the high temperature treatment a nano-scale film comes into being. This film can greatly reduce the expansion of the ceramic surface, so that the hemisphere-shaped liquid is difficult to make the wall carry water, thus make the ceramic surface easy to clean and keep long-term white and non-yellowing.


Integrated control system

Computer control is an enjoyable game, and its advanced system can control all functions of your bathtub. The background light of the display lights the control board, the LCD display shows the operating status of the massage tub, monitors functions and reflects the operating procedures. As a result, you can make full use of the computer to set up water massage and entertainment systems, control time and temperature at the same time. The programming function enables you to set up time and temperature, and to store all kinds of music channels.

Note: Pricing for optional configuration system is different.

¡øConstant temperature controller

When the user uses the massage tub, the water temperature inside the tub experiences major fluctuation. To resolve this issue, Holley develops a constant temperature controller that can keep the water temperature between 35 and 45 degrees. The controller ensures that the water temperature inside the massage tub attains an ideal temperature in two modes: when the water temperature inside the tub is lower than the set temperature, heating can be done automatically; when the water temperature is higher, the electric heater will be automatically switched off.

¡øOzone sterilizer

Five minutes after massage, surfing or shower, the ozone device is started for sterilization, so as to ensure a clean and healthful tub body or chamber body.