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Q:What¡¯s the after sales policy of Holley?

A:Holley warrants that main parts of new massage bathtubs, bathroom furniture and steam rooms, such as acrylic body, faucet/taps, computerized control unit, TV, pumps, basin, LED lamp, hinge, rail, and handles, aluminum profiles, steamers, to be free from identified quality problems for a period of 24 months dating from the shipment date as commercial invoice shows. Besides, Holley also gives a certain discount on vulnerable and consumable parts as a way of after-sales subsidies when our customers purchase new massage bathtubs and steam rooms. As for the common bathtubs, shower rooms, ceramic wares, cabinets and other accessories, Holley give those products a warranty period f eighteen months dating from the commercial invoice shows. Holley also provides free and in time technical support for every user.

Q:How is the safety performance of Holley¡¯s products?

A:Holley¡¯s researchers and technicians thoughtfully take it into consideration when they develop new products. Firstly, as far as the partial components are concerned, the output voltage of all electrical parts is at a safe degree of 12V, but not at a risky level of 220V. Besides, many intelligent and sensitive parts used on our products, such as the water level detector, temperature sensor, thermostatic device and alarm system, etc, considerately enable you to enjoy fun of massage and shower totally relaxed. Secondly, as far as the safety tests are concerned, our products proudly passed the testing report of EN12764, EN14428, EN15200, EMC, and LVD. We also smoothly acquired the CE certificate, ETL certificate and ISO9001:2000 verification. Those certificates and testing reports, on one aspect, embody the high safety levels of Holley products.

Q:What¡¯s the normal delivery time/lead time of products of Holley?

A:The normal delivery time is 25-35 workdays.

Q:What are the possible causes of leaking problem on faucets?

A:There are mainly three possible causes. One is the bad water quality. Too many impurities will block the cartridge of faucets. The second cause is that ceramic core of faucet is damaged somehow. The third cause is the incorrect installation of faucets. It is advised to check the above possible causes when you encounter the leaking problem.

Q:Why is sometimes water hard to come into water tank and flush?

A:Three causes may lead to this problem. Firstly, the water inlet switch is not turned on. Secondly, the float of inlet valve is stuck. Thirdly, the filter net is blocked. Please check the above factors one by one and find ways to solve it.

Q:Sometimes, there is a small amount of water coming out from waterfall or sprinkler, how to solve it?

A:Probably the one-way valve controlling the shower and waterfall is damaged. Replace it with a new one, water leaks no more.

Q:How does the pipeline-washing function work?

A:The complicated structure of tubs makes it very difficult to clean pipes and pumps manually. Holley considers of this and firstly applied the pipeline-washing function on massage bathtubs. After enjoying the massage, please switch to pipeline-washing on conversational switch, then the water will come into different pipes and wash them automatically. This function could effectively remove the dirt and dust inside pipes, avoiding the bacteria growing.

Q:Sometime the control panel of steam room displays E1, E2, E3, and E5. What do they tell?

A:Functions, such as hand shower, overhead shower, backside sprayer and steamer, are intelligently controlled by the electrical cabinet used. If there is any failure or problem on above functions, the cabinet will diagnose it and show it on control panel. Every ¡°E¡± error stands for a given function-failure coming from different parts. Please refer to Trouble and Shooting in user manuals and repair respectively.

Q:Is the acrylic body of bathtub too thin to get damaged easily?

A:No, definitely not. Holley purchases high quality materials from one of the best acrylic supplier in China. The acrylic we are using is 4mm in thickness, after coated and fixed by glass fibers, the thickness is about 6mm in average. It is even 6-8mm in thickness in some places such as the tub edges and bottom. What¡¯s more, the unique physical features make the acrylic material possibly enduring high temperature and wearing. If well maintained, the acrylic tub could get an expectancy of above 15 years.

Q:What is intelligent water-control on massage bathtubs?

A:The intelligent water-control is accomplished by a tiny sensitive metal probe on tub. When water in tub reaches the probe level, the water pump will start to work and if water exceeds the probe level, the waterfall will stop water inlet. The water pump doesn¡¯t start to work unless water reaches or exceeds the probe level. In brief, the intelligent water control is aiming to protect the water pump from working overheated and keep you out of the worry that water may overflow outside the bathtub.

Q:What products does your company sell?

A:Our products include massage bathtub,common bathtub,steam room,shower room,shower pannel,bathroom cabinet etc.